Interview on BFM

Check out this podcast of my interview with BFM which aired today. It provides a quick update on my current happenings, as well as how you can help more children get access to sex education.


Click on this photo to listen to the podcast!

Click on this photo to listen to the podcast!


SEASON 2 of Popek Popek launched!



Season 2 of Popek Popek is FINALLY out! We were in a bit of a pickle with PopTeeVee shutting down (thanks to our lovely friends at JUICE Magazine, you can read all about that HERE) but we managed to overcome that and we are back in the game with a new season that we reckon is even sexier than the first!

For those of you who don’t know, Popek Popek has also moved to its own channel (click HERE to subscribe) and we are now on Facebook for better interaction and quicker updates on all things sex ed (follow us HERE)

A new episode will be released every Friday and we also have tons of awesome and quick Instagram videos for you this season so do also follow us on Instagram @jompopekpopek

Here are the first two episodes which have just been released on Masturbation and Rape/Consent – enjoy!

NOW OPEN FOR ENROLMENT: Weekly Sex Ed Classes !

Hello! Starting February this year, I am organising weekly sex ed lessons at Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok! The idea behind this is simply to make sex ed more accessible to students attending both private and public schools. In the absence of good sex education within our national curriculum (and continued lack of progress on this front) I thought it’d be a good idea to make it available in the same way private tuition is available for core subjects like math, science and english.

Lessons are modelled after the UK and Canadian sex ed curriculum, age-appropriate, and have been very well-received by my students in private and international institutions. To give you an idea on the topics that i’ll be covering, here is just a broad overview:

Health & Wellbeing
– managing puberty, maintaining physical and emotional health and wellbeing, learning where to get support and help, information on sexual health.

– building healthy relationships (with peers & parents), recognising and managing emotions within different relationships, dealing with risky/negative relationships, making informed choices.

Living in the wider world
– respecting self and others, learning about different groups and communities, equality and differences, current affairs and how they affect teens, how to be a productive member of the community.



To sign up, please click HERE

Tzy Jiun on Bernama TV

Budding sex ed activist Tan Tzy Jiun who has been working with Popek Popek was live on Bernama TV this morning talking about sex ed and my upcoming workshops at KLPAC! I think she did a fantastic job, check out the clip here:

Also, still not too late sign up for the workshops – Click HERE for more info, and to register!

Approaching Strangers for Vox Pop Questions (on Teen Talk Tuesdays)

Just last Wednesday, June’s brother Adrian and I hit the streets and had a vox pop session (abbreviation of vox populi, an interview with members of the general public. It literally translates to “voice of the people” in Latin) at The School Jaya One. We approached many different people from students to parents to educators to ask about their opinions on the concept of Teen Talk Tuesdays, how is it important to teens and so on.

On that day, I was playing the role of the interviewer and Adrian, the cameraman. The one brutal thing about vox pops is the approach. The approach must not be threatening in any way, or there will be an immediate rejection, since these are strangers you are approaching. Very frightening. And this judgement of the approacher is done in a split second. The moment they see you, your fate is determined. So let’s just say it took a couple of tries for us to get a firm grip on how to not look like total villains to the interviewee.

Another struggle was the shyness or hesitance from the interviewee. There were outspoken people as well as extremely shy people. So it was up to us, as interviewers to break down the barriers. To get the best answers, we had to create a comfortable and intimate setting for the interviewee. I believe we got pretty amazing responses from the diverse interviewees, we even made ourselves a couple of new friends. Each person had something unique and different to contribute to this vox pop session which it made the end result very fascinating.

Here’s a playlist of short videos we got from the interviewees.



Written by : The Intern

A Talk At SMK St. Mary

On the 23rd of June, 2015, I followed June for her talk in SMK St. Mary on STIs. We were greeted by a gush of warmth and friendliness by the teachers and the form 4 students in SMK St Mary. Their eyes gleamed with enthusiasm and curiosity as it was their first comprehensive sex education talk.

I was in a very neutral position that day as I was neither the educator nor the student, which was a whole new perspective for me. Being a fresh high school graduate, I’ve never had the opportunity to pay attention to the non-verbal communication between the educator and the students, but this time, as the observer of the talk, I could see it without having either side of the bias (of the educator nor the student).

You could see the ladies in SMK St. Mary were really enjoying this hour-long talk. June constantly checked on them and drew a clear line between what they know and what they don’t, keeping everyone on the same page, and they were all in smiles throughout.

St Mary Students

The students told us that most of them haven’t even seen a condom ever in their lives. So, June decided to bring in 200 condoms for each of the students to touch and hold. The responses from the students were surprisingly open and they were willing to touch the condoms and were keen to know how to use them in the correct way. I believe this was very educational for the students. It even got students asking questions about condoms openly like “What is the sticky stuff on the condom?”, or “Why are there flavoured condoms in the market?”

St Mary's Students

At the very end of the talk, June collected all the questions from the Anonymous Question Box that students had submitted during the talk. She read them aloud and answered them in front of everyone, so that everyone could learn from the questions. I think this really allowed students to know that it is okay to ask questions and be curious about their bodies and encouraged them to seek for help and guidance in a safe way like this. This talk was the safe space for them to talk about a topic no one really touches due to the social stigmas.

I had a great experience with the girls in SMK St Mary overall, a student even came up to us privately after the talk to thank us! I hope we can organize more events like this with the SMK St Mary students again.

Written by : The Intern

Teen Talk Tuesdays: What are people saying about it?


So we have just launched a new project called Teen Talk Tuesdays (#TTT) It’s a weekly gathering to spark conversations amongst teenagers on a variety of important topics from teen health to current affairs. You may be wondering, what is the point of all that?! So instead of telling you ourselves (like we already did here), we decided to ask regular people on the streets what they thought and here’s what they had to say about it:

Just a reminder, there will be a FREE trial session of #TTT where you can come and give it a try. We’ll be discussing “How to Choose a Partner” – a topic that’ll get lots of teens talking for sure! The poster below has all the details:


FREE Pizza and refreshments from 7:30pm (come early!)

Sign up for the FREE TRIAL SESSION on the Facebook Event Page!

Also, check out our updates on Instagram!

Sudar and I in Guang Ming Daily

Big thanks to Guang Ming Daily for the lovely write up! Hope to see you guys at the upcoming workshops with Kampus Kini. Details again:

Puberty & Body Image Workshop
Dates: 9th May 2015 (for girls), 10th May 2015 (for boys)
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
For more information and to register: Click here

Our Bodies, Sex, and Reproduction
Dates: 16th May 2015 (for girls), 17th May 2015 (for boys)
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
For more information and to register: Click here


Collaboration & Workshops with Campus Kini

MalaysiaKini has just launched their education arm Campus Kini. I’ll be conducting two weekends of workshops at their office in PJ starting next week. Here are the details:

Puberty & Body Image Workshop
Dates: 9th May 2015 (for girls), 10th May 2015 (for boys)
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
For more information and to register: Click here

Our Bodies, Sex, and Reproduction
Dates: 16th May 2015 (for girls), 17th May 2015 (for boys)
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
For more information and to register: Click here

February/March Workshops

Rambo and me featured in the People pages of Focus Weekly.

Rambo and me featured in the People pages of Focus Weekly.

Now that the publicity work for Popek Popek has simmered down, i’m very happy to get back to organising workshops. Of late, I have also received more bookings for private sessions where parents want more focussed attention on their teens. Sometimes, a few sets of parents pool together to arrange for a special session for their teenagers. I must say I am very pleased with the results of these sessions. I find the added privacy very helpful in getting the teens to open up about questions and issues they are facing. There’s also more time to discuss in depth and develop concrete action plans/solutions to move forward. This is an interesting development indeed.

If you’d like to set up a private session with me, please send me an email anytime.

I will be conducting my body image and sexual health workshops on several dates over the next two months. March is looking to be an exciting month because i’m also doing a couple of workshops in Penang at the Penang Performing Arts Centre! I’ll write a separate post on that later but for now, in the calendar below, I have marked the dates. If you click on each item in the calendar, it will show you details of each workshop (content, location, price, time etc).

The workshops are divided into girls-only and boys-only sessions, as I have found this approach to be most effective. It is possible to attend either one of these workshops, but I would recommend that teens attend both (Workshop 1 followed by Workshop 2) because even though they will learn from either one, there is still a certain continuity between the two. I feel that each workshop serves to reinforce the other.

I try not to do these two workshops together because I don’t want to overload the teens with information (given their already low attention span!) and more importantly, I want to give them time to go home and reflect upon what they have learnt, then come back and discuss further/ ask more questions.

So do have a look and send me an email to book a slot or if you have any  questions :)

I hope to hear from you soon!


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