Month: July 2015

Approaching Strangers for Vox Pop Questions (on Teen Talk Tuesdays)

Just last Wednesday, June’s brother Adrian and I hit the streets and had a vox pop session (abbreviation of vox populi, an interview with members of the general public. It literally translates to “voice of the people” in Latin) at The School Jaya One. We approached many different people from students to parents to educators to ask […]

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A Talk At SMK St. Mary

On the 23rd of June, 2015, I followed June for her talk in SMK St. Mary on STIs. We were greeted by a gush of warmth and friendliness by the teachers and the form 4 students in SMK St Mary. Their eyes gleamed with enthusiasm and curiosity as it was their first comprehensive sex education […]

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Teen Talk Tuesdays: What are people saying about it?

  So we have just launched a new project called Teen Talk Tuesdays (#TTT) It’s a weekly gathering to spark conversations amongst teenagers on a variety of important topics from teen health to current affairs. You may be wondering, what is the point of all that?! So instead of telling you ourselves (like we already did […]

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