Approaching Strangers for Vox Pop Questions (on Teen Talk Tuesdays)

Just last Wednesday, June’s brother Adrian and I hit the streets and had a vox pop session (abbreviation of vox populi, an interview with members of the general public. It literally translates to “voice of the people” in Latin) at The School Jaya One. We approached many different people from students to parents to educators to ask about their opinions on the concept of Teen Talk Tuesdays, how is it important to teens and so on.

On that day, I was playing the role of the interviewer and Adrian, the cameraman. The one brutal thing about vox pops is the approach. The approach must not be threatening in any way, or there will be an immediate rejection, since these are strangers you are approaching. Very frightening. And this judgement of the approacher is done in a split second. The moment they see you, your fate is determined. So let’s just say it took a couple of tries for us to get a firm grip on how to not look like total villains to the interviewee.

Another struggle was the shyness or hesitance from the interviewee. There were outspoken people as well as extremely shy people. So it was up to us, as interviewers to break down the barriers. To get the best answers, we had to create a comfortable and intimate setting for the interviewee. I believe we got pretty amazing responses from the diverse interviewees, we even made ourselves a couple of new friends. Each person had something unique and different to contribute to this vox pop session which it made the end result very fascinating.

Here’s a playlist of short videos we got from the interviewees.



Written by : The Intern

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