February/March Workshops

Rambo and me featured in the People pages of Focus Weekly.

Rambo and me featured in the People pages of Focus Weekly.

Now that the publicity work for Popek Popek has simmered down, i’m very happy to get back to organising workshops. Of late, I have also received more bookings for private sessions where parents want more focussed attention on their teens. Sometimes, a few sets of parents pool together to arrange for a special session for their teenagers. I must say I am very pleased with the results of these sessions. I find the added privacy very helpful in getting the teens to open up about questions and issues they are facing. There’s also more time to discuss in depth and develop concrete action plans/solutions to move forward. This is an interesting development indeed.

If you’d like to set up a private session with me, please send me an email anytime.

I will be conducting my body image and sexual health workshops on several dates over the next two months. March is looking to be an exciting month because i’m also doing a couple of workshops in Penang at the Penang Performing Arts Centre! I’ll write a separate post on that later but for now, in the calendar below, I have marked the dates. If you click on each item in the calendar, it will show you details of each workshop (content, location, price, time etc).

The workshops are divided into girls-only and boys-only sessions, as I have found this approach to be most effective. It is possible to attend either one of these workshops, but I would recommend that teens attend both (Workshop 1 followed by Workshop 2) because even though they will learn from either one, there is still a certain continuity between the two. I feel that each workshop serves to reinforce the other.

I try not to do these two workshops together because I don’t want to overload the teens with information (given their already low attention span!) and more importantly, I want to give them time to go home and reflect upon what they have learnt, then come back and discuss further/ ask more questions.

So do have a look and send me an email to book a slot or if you have any  questions :)

I hope to hear from you soon!


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