Popek Popek Launched!


My sex education show has been launched! Sudar and I have been working with the guys from PopTeeVee, the same people behind shows like The Effing Show, and English Jer. Big thanks to Faiq (my producer/director/extra) and Sam (my videographer/extra) for working tirelessly over the last few months, but more importantly for being so awesome to work with. Love them and looking forward to more adventures together!


It’s been all over the news (see some press coverage here), and we have received very positive responses to the show, so i’m very glad. There will be a new episode every 2 weeks, so I hope you guys enjoy the show and keep watching. If you’re an educator or a parent, I hope the show will serve as a useful resource for you. Feel free to send me questions and feedback, and i’ll answer them on the show!

Here is the pilot episode (on Virginity):

And here is Episode 2 (on Sex):

I’ll keep you updated you as new episodes are released!

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