NOW OPEN FOR ENROLMENT: Weekly Sex Ed Classes !

Hello! Starting February this year, I am organising weekly sex ed lessons at Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok! The idea behind this is simply to make sex ed more accessible to students attending both private and public schools. In the absence of good sex education within our national curriculum (and continued lack of progress on this front) I thought it’d be a good idea to make it available in the same way private tuition is available for core subjects like math, science and english.

Lessons are modelled after the UK and Canadian sex ed curriculum, age-appropriate, and have been very well-received by my students in private and international institutions. To give you an idea on the topics that i’ll be covering, here is just a broad overview:

Health & Wellbeing
– managing puberty, maintaining physical and emotional health and wellbeing, learning where to get support and help, information on sexual health.

– building healthy relationships (with peers & parents), recognising and managing emotions within different relationships, dealing with risky/negative relationships, making informed choices.

Living in the wider world
– respecting self and others, learning about different groups and communities, equality and differences, current affairs and how they affect teens, how to be a productive member of the community.



To sign up, please click HERE

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