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“Kid, it’s time to have that talk”

Ever wondered what the sex ed situation is like in Malaysia? Ezra Zaid interviews June Low to find out more about the challenges faced in implementing sex education in conservative countries, what’s missing, and how we can overcome these obstacles.



“So, what exactly does a sex educator do?”

Within conservative cultures, many parents struggle to talk to their children about sex, and there is a distinct lack of good sex education. Having taught many teenagers over the years, professional sex educator June Low has found that there is often little to no guidance in their lives when it comes to the subject of sex. Jermaine Bee speaks to June as she shares insight on her unique role as a sex educator and how she stumbled upon this career path.



“Is it flirting, or sexual harassment?”

A flirty text message can be fun and welcome when it comes from the right person in the right situation, but when it doesn’t, it can make one feel uncomfortable. Caroline Oh speaks to sex educator June Low for tips on staying on on the right side of the fence when it comes to flirting vs. sexual harassment.



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